Experts in compliance figures

We are experts in compliance figures and Solvency 2 for insurance. We help our clients bring in line their businesses with complex and often-changing regulatory requirements.

Experts en métiers du chiffre

Sinalys was created in 2001 and is both a software editor and a professional services organization.

The company is owned by its founders. We work mainly for the insurance industry and for the social welfare sector.

Our starting point was linked to the fact that recording and calculation of provisions are very expensive both in development and maintenance.

That is the reason why we developped:


A tool A dual expertise
The Calfitec software allows actuarial calculations and modelisations, with online documentation. Actuarial and IT expertise




Our expertise

Our consultants provide expertise in the main issues insurers face: Solvency 2 requirements, IFRS 17 regulation, asset allocation, investment strategy optimization, risk management and more.



  Every year, 30% of our turnover is devoted to Research and Development.

International patents have been applied for Calfitec. Our technology  propose innovations both in the fields of actuarial calculations and intensive-calculations applications.


We are leaders in expertise about calculation of technical provisions.
We propose to our customers a flexible, customized and cheap approach.

We cover the needs of the Insurance industry and social welfare sector. Our solutions give answers for Solvency 2, IFRS 17, decisional and actuarial issues.

From regulation on the local level to nationwide reforms, our consultants understand the scope and impact of strict insurance, risk, and capital requirements and how to help your business align with regulatory guidelines.

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